Great Ideas for Dog Gifts!

One of the really great things about dogs is how easy they are to please.  If you’re in need of a couple dog gifts for a furry friend of yours, you’ll have lots of fun shopping! Read more »

Choose the Right Dog Shampoo!

If you’re not using dog shampoo to wash your dog, you could be doing much more harm than good!  The wrong shampoo could actually be causing your dogs odor and oily coat. Read more »

Dog Bowls – All The Same?

You might thing that all dog bowls are the same – not true!  There are certain types of dog bowls that are actually healthier for your dog. Read more »

Your Dog’s Training Collar

If you have just gotten a new puppy or dog, one of the things you’ll need to invest in right away is a training collar.  A training collar differs from the collar your puppy or dog will wear every day, and there are specific things to look for depending on how you plan on training your dog and what breed it is. Read more »

Fat Dogs Make Me Sad

One thing I see when I’m out walking my dog that just breaks my heart are fat dogs. Letting your dog get overweight affects their mobility, their joints, their cardiovascular health and even their lifespan. Read more »

Dog Grooming Supplies Part 2 – Brushing and Trimming

In this post, we’ll finish up the two-part series on dog grooming supplies by discussing after-bath grooming such as brushing and combing your dog and doing a bit of trimming. Read more »

Dog Grooming Supplies Part 1 – Bathing

At some point in owning a dog, you’ll definitely need some dog grooming supplies. It’s all part of keeping your dog healthy! Read more »

Dog Apparel

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If you’re looking for dog apparel, boy are you in luck!  There are so many colors, styles and sizes available today, you’ll likely be able to find anything you can imagine! Read more »

Dog Ear Infection Causes

If you have seen your dog “digging” at his ears or frequently shaking his head, it’s quite possible there’s some type of ear infection to blame. Read more »

General Dog Health

Every dog owner takes their dog to the vet for their immunizations and of course, when something seems amiss.  It’s easy to think of your dogs health when he or she is sick. Doing a quick general dog health check every two weeks or so could head off illness, a large vet bill…you may even save your dogs life! Read more »

New Puppy? You’ll Need Puppy Supplies!

So you’ve made the decision to bring home a new puppy! Congratulations! You have taken the first step to having a friend for life that gives unconditional love always! Read more »

Choosing Your Dog Leash

It can be overwhelming, standing in an aisle in a pet store, trying to decide on the right dog leash for your best friend. Which size? Length? Leather or nylon? Or fabric? Studded or with rhinestones? Read more »

Dog Crates – The Best Choice for Safe Containment

If you’re like most dog owners, you will probably decide to crate-train your dog. Of course, this is a very personal decision. Some dog owners think it’s cruel to keep a dog enclosed in what they perceive as a small space for an extended period of time. Read more »

Dog Toys – So Much Fun, So Little Time!

Dog toys are a necessary part of keeping a dog happy! Appropriate toys will not only entertain and exercise your dog, they’ll also stimulate his or her mind and help to fulfill natural instincts like chewing. Read more »

Dog Collars – A Basic Overview

One of the few indulgences for dog lovers are dog collars! Any dog owner knows that a collar is a necessity, but they can also be a fun fashion accessory to buy for your dog. Buying a unique looking dog collar will make your dog different from every other dog and can really draw some attention! Read more »

Dog Beds – Choose the Right One!

If your dog is anything like mine, they absolutely love to have a soft, warm, comfortable place to lie that is theirs only.  You want to give your dog the perfect bed for them, and here are a few important things to look at when comparing dog beds. Read more »